Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amusement Park=YOU

Yippie Kay Yay!
I can see all; the circu
s, the carousel, the roller coaster, all here!
Hmm, where should I begin?
I take this one ride, hoping it's a good way to start.

Look how crazy the spin is! Rolling, spinning, am dancing in the air!
Flying like a bird, faster than the wind!
All feelings mix-up: the exta
cy, adrenaline, plus the not-hoping-to throw up part.
When it's all over, I have this giant craving
to have more and more, though there's a slight moment where I prefer to give up and walk away. Too bad, this kind of sensation, is indeed an addiction. I'm up for more!

Mind-blowing circus! Playing with flaming fire, dancing bears, and smiling tigers.
Look at those clowns, laughing, teasing and playing as if there was no tomorrow.
"Live for today and today only. you, you. and YOU!!"
Ahh, beautiful acrobatics, you can see the beauty without able (or wanting) to experience it. Where seeing is believing. Boy, how I feel comfortable.

Fiuhh, time for the carousel;
I pick that brown pony with golde
n saddle.
The music plays, everything start moving
Truly calming and soothing, I can't stop smiling.

As if I had a sweet dream in a stormy night.

Virtual amusement park with real feelings
Bear, you are my amusement park and it feels like... home

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