Saturday, April 3, 2010


Smell evokes memory in a way that no other sense can.
that is a fact.

So don't blame me whenever I hold you tight, I close my eyes and capturing that particular moment with this sense.

The morning coffee you made after we woke up. Extra milk. Tasting, sensing, remembering. It's here.

Sitting behind you on Lucy; wrapping my arms around your waist, resting my head on your shoulder while the wind singing some lullabies. The smell of grass after hours of raining, the sweet smell you told me to sense after passing that sugar factory. The smell of your clean clothes. your cigarettes. All Crystal clear.

Watching news or movies in silence. Stealing some kisses every now and then. No, bear. Not just kisses, I was capturing those moments with this sense too. So I can recall whenever I need some. Like now.

"Hmm, I love this smell," you told me while closing your eyes, only few centimeters away, facing me before you went to bed. You were smiling. How that moment changed the universe.

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