Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tired eyes.
Hollow. nothing inside.

the window of the heart is empty.
"what's the use filling it in with happiness?
This joy will be taken away. Sooner or later.
Rather keeping it like this.
Detached. No string attached," she says.

Wondering and wandering.
bewildered, skeptical.
Tired eyes. No sparks no lights.
Looking a far to nowhere.
body here, mind else where.
both are very tired.
"Have you ever?" she whispers.
Still no answers whatsoever.

That tired eyes.
Sadden by the shredded glass.
Sit alone, all day long.
holding knees close to the chest.
hoping to be caressed.

Tired eyes.
looking empty inside.
But you can see... her heart cries.

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