Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gotta Learn

I'm a guinea pig, one silly guinea pig. Eat when I'm told, run in the wheels when I'm asked. The orders come soo smooth, this guinea pig can't resist.

I'm a guinea pig, guinea pig, in a lab called life. Too easy to trust, when are u gonna learn, hey guinea pig, guinea pig?

I was a silly guinea pig, a guinea pig. I run freely now with my wounded leg and chopped teeth. Gonna be hard for me to trust people again.. As guinea pig once again being fooled. Poor guinea pig, oohh guinea pig. Do learn this lesson, lil guinea pig.. not all doctors are nice, especially the smooth-talker.
No worries, guinea pig can smile again, and run.. Down the table and hop the ground. Learn the lesson, hey guinea pig!!

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