Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Wish They Were Casper: The Story of an Ex

They are ghosts... they are ghosts, alright.
Not the one who scare you to death,
but the one you wish to hold on tight.
The one you wish to stay and accompany you day by day, from one night to another.

No, of course, you can't touch them.
they're invisible and only visible through your eyes, feel their presence through your heart.
You can't hold their hands, nor kiss their lips.
All cold, all bogus, all... fake.

The creation of mind and memories that keep the ghosts of the past still exist in the present time.
You let them to stay, you keep them in sight!

No, don't.
Please don't.

Reminiscing is different with keeping them here.
To remember them is not the same with bringing them here.

No, don't.
Please don't.

Put them in a locked door, throw the key away!
Let there be a lesson, but not the presence.

They're haunting me too, you know.
and I can't scare them away.... if you let them stay.

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