Saturday, April 3, 2010

One of a kind

Owh yes, we both have our hair cut short.
I can see that our style almost the same,
love the amount of alcohol and get crazy!

No, we're not friends with high heels,
like the sneakers, washed jeans, and T-shirt.
Yeah, you can see that, huh?
There's something we have in common!

But no, don't compare me with her.
No, Sir!
I won't do sexy pose and broadcast it to the whole wide world.
I just don't get it.
On the bed... hah. what a joke!
There's a difference between fearless and shameless,
and you know which word I'm referring right now.

Does she know that small habit you do when you wake up?
Things you love, hate, and your dreams?
What bugs you while watching TV, and that funny thing you do when you get nervous?

You know?
Things that usually turn me off, now just make me laugh!
Funny, huh?
It's not the action, but the person who's doing it.
And since it's you, am gonna tolerate it. Big time!

We may look alike, but trust me.
This one, is one of a kind.

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