Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time Traveler

mock the clock,
tick tock tick tock,
paralyzed and locked.

Staring the outside world behind bars,
keep the body not the soul,
One can always wonder with thoughts,
to wherever whenever one wants,

put on the chains, those won't restrain!
Surely able to cope, with a dash of hope!
Go ahead, might as well put you in the lead!
Definitely will fail to nail me, as for sure someone will bail me!

The mysterious smile, everything is in order.
It has always been like that, now take my order:
I'll be on board, all loaded, and move forward.
Take me there, over there... yes, that's right.

Let's make peace, Time. I know you'll take me there.
But please... less painful, one day at a time.

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