Monday, May 31, 2010



I think I'll create footprints here for places I went to and those I'm planning to go throughout the year. Small things that count. A remembrance that... I am living my life.

January --> Yogyakarta. New Year. Splendid. One of a kind.
February --> Bandung. Not far, but definitely unforgettable. Didn't really like surprises, but he did give me a heart attack of showing himself right in front of me, straight from Yogyakarta. He was there for 3 days, only to be with me. :)
March --> Jakarta. Hah! But no worries. Due to my lack of traveling this month, he has been in Jakarta the whole time. What could be better than that?
April --> South Korea. Perfect spring time, 10 degrees, blossomed my cheeks in a marvelous way.
May --> Bogor. Again, with him. Rain and traffic surely didn't stop us from having a good time.
June --> Vietnam with my dear friend. It went great! Ho Chi Minh, then went on a 10 hour bus to Nha Trang, Island hopping, snorkeling, and went back. Little time, yet fine.
July --> Cimaja and one secluded beach. Gosh, I forgot the name. Will update later :)
August: --> Fasting... hopefully I have the chance to travel this month, even to near cities

Sept:  None :( However, starting a new job. So I guess it's a journey from a different angle.
Oct & Nov: Nope. none. Nada.
Dec: Bandung. :)

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