Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Bet

Swimming the endless ocean,
in a slow miserable motion,
the thunder strikes right above,
and it is not what something that we can get rid of,
take a notion of the bird chirping,
in every move that we're making,
now and then sighing deeply,
as we all know this is an oh-so-weary journey.

This may not seem like the best bet,
but face it, Honey... we're not  there yet,
as many nightmares are still waiting ahead,
trying to eat all our hopes and leave them dead,
bound us with heavy chains,
brought us nothing but pain.

Still I feel here... deep down inside,
that you will be by my side, 
because such love may conquer all, 
rolling forever like a snow ball,
creating a distinctive mark,
with its warming spark,
making sure that whatever it might, 
we can go through once again... one more night.

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