Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hit the Jackpot

Roll the dice, Mister. Roll the dice.
Yes. Of course. I know you want it.
Gamble all the way!
Gambling is life.
The kind one prefer saying it as a crossroad.
For me, both the same.
Life. That's just life!

Left, right, straight ahead, run back again.
It's a matter of choice.
You don't know what lies ahead.
You can only tell when you've made your choice, and live with it.
Happiness, good for you. You hit the jackpot. Live with it!
Regrets. Too bad. But your choice, then live with it!

There. I say it. Gambling is life!
I'm a gambler, and don't be naive, you are too, dear.
You just too afraid to admit it.

Some probably risk all their "money", some prefer to hold back a little bit.
Check the situation. Spend the money wisely.
Use your own strategy. Gain some techniques!
All for the adrenaline. The addiction!
Those who said "Addicted to life" are true gamblers. Salute!

Gah, say what you want.
I know no other technique but to bet all
Been doing that and doing it now
Who knows? today might be my lucky day!

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