Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm a Dreamer

I'm a dreamer. I always fly high.

That's one fact that I know for sure every time I question myself, "Who am I? What am I looking for? Who am I looking for?"

He once said, "This is forever." I flew high, though only for a while, and smashed into pieces.
I crawled, crumbled, gathered all the broken pieces into one solid self.

Years passed, met another one. He said to me, "We're so perfect together. Be mine, forever..." I flew high, though only for a while, and again... smashed into pieces, into small tiny pieces.
Again, I gathered all the pieces with my two bare hands, blood from my heart was streaming like a river. The mended heart, once again, shattered. I dragged myself up, struggling just to see some lights.

A constant repetition, over and over again. The cool breeze upon the sky. The heartache. The tragedy. That's the story of a dreamer. She always fly high. Who knows one day, she, or I, might catch the brightest star.

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