Saturday, April 3, 2010

Listen, Bear

I need no guitars to set some tunes and play this music to you
listen to these heartbeats,
they make simple rhymes whenever you're near.
simple as it is, simple as you are, simple as life should be...

Life is the composer, love.
We shall play the tunes,
Set some gloomy one before, then happy one now.
Look, we both should dance whenever, however we can!
dance... and dance!

dance under the misery, move our feet together with sadness,
but no, listen to these heartbeats right now...
I believe this song is about you.
Yeah... it is about you.
See? how delightful that sound is?
soothing... like a lullaby.

I need no guitar right now,
nor my horrible voice to say this.
Just close your eyes and feel these tunes that life has made for you.
for us.

Listen.... I think it plays rock for us. Let's, bear! :)

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