Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Easy

Don't you just stand there, looking at me from a distance. Come. Sit with me. Have a chat. Let's order some coffees and talk about everything. Or nothing. Up to you. Share your thoughts, release those burdens. I'm here. For you. Yes, that laugh. I love it so much. You should laugh more. Turn that frown up side down. There, much better. This? Owh, it's nothing. Something I've been keeping for so long. I used to lend it to someone, but it's mine again, now. You want it? here, you can have it. But you have to promise me to take care of it. Yes, it's kind of light, isn't it? Please, not in your pocket. Yes, place it over there. Near the heart. Warm?*giggles* I know. It's been cold for so long I guess the temperature is changing now. Makes you tingling, huh? That's good. No, I only have one. That's precious, you know. It's the heart. My heart. It's actually empty, that's why it's so light. Let's have a chat more, spend some time together, and fill it with precious memories. Of you. Of me. Of us. *laugh* You like that? Good, then. It's settle now. Hmmm. The warm hug. Caress on my shoulder and hair. End all with that, then I'll be happy. It's that easy to make me happy.

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