Friday, April 2, 2010


There was a big bloke with a big heart. Bold in action, less in brain, banned by the society. Once in a blue moon, he brought himself in a blurry moment; beer, booze, with a blueberry muffin. blinded by the blue ocean, with a bright star as his beautiful friend. Bluntly, the bright star spoke,
"Beware, Brother. don't bury your big heart because of her. Both of you don't belong together. you may feel blessed yet all bogus. In no time, you'll be broke, and broken hearted. Beware, big brother."
The big bloke was bewildered. His bright beautiful friend always tell the truth. Bothered by this, the big bloke ran into the bushes, away from the blue ocean. The blurry moment became crystal clear, when he saw his bride... his future bride, blond and beautiful, boasting her charm, straight into his arm. "Is that her? Bedazzled, I am. My dear bright friend. Heart broken I will be. But she's the one for me."

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