Friday, April 2, 2010

This Goes to You

This is why I like being a journalist, especially in a woman magazine like Cosmo. Don't have to pretend and put myself as a married woman who's expecting a baby like the writers for those young mom mags, nor have to dig up all those high school memories, do some researches and put them as a current issue like the writers for those teen mags. I just have to be me, a 28 years old single working woman, like most of Cosmo's readers, with all my issues in life; juggling between work, friends, family, and men. At our monthly meeting, I hardly prepare the materials. Usually about 15-20 minutes before the meeting, I just go to my office's balcony with my coffee and cigarettes, thinking and recalling what are my issues lately? What problems that hit me recently? Because I believe that my issues are also my readers'. As simple as that.

The funny thing is, I just sent an article to my editor, and she gave me a feedback. She notices the connection between the article with myself; the difference, the mood and emotion I put into the article. From the topic until the perspective of the writing! In her email, she wrote, Take it easy, Gal. Remember, everything is the same, only different. I constantly remind myself about that, you know."

After reading her email, I smiled. It's rather easy writing about something that I'm actually experiencing, or what my friends are experiencing, yet sometimes, I get carried away, writing pages of articles within hours. I found the same symptom also from my friend. I'm the editor for her article, and I can "see" her in the article she gave me; the topics, the perspective, everything. Probably that's why they hired me in the first place. LOL. "This woman seems complicated. She must have many issues in her life; great topics, more readers, big selling!"

But then again, I dedicated this particular blog to those who have filled my life with.. well, interesting issues. My friends with their never ending problems, all my co-workers with their dramas, my "crazy" big family, and... you. Without you, I might be only a blank canvas. Thanks for filling it with... colors.

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