Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Multiple Exposure with Glow

The method is called multiple exposure; you just basically take two pictures in the same frame! These are some of my experiments. Some are good, some are well.. not really satisfying. But then, I remember one of the golden rules in lomography: there are NO RULES :) Which one do you prefer the most?


  1. I love your blog! Look at those gorgeous pictures. I've never been anywhere outside Indonesia, but thanks to blogwalking -especially travel blog like yours-, I feel like traveling without moving -as Jamiroquai says :D

    Keep blogging and informing us with your posts! :)
    Oh, and we share the same name, Galuh. (Mmm, that's not important, is it?)


  2. hehehe thanks, I'm glad this babbling blog of mine can be useful for someone. We share the same name? You know, All my life I've only met one person of the same name! You're my second! :D