Saturday, April 3, 2010

Double Vision

I didn't know that one day, it might actually come to this moment: writing about it. At first, it was just a game; an act to fulfill and comfort my thirst of curiosity. Of course as a first timer, I was very anxious! All feeling mixed up into one giant snow ball. "Should I? Shouldn't I? Is it safe? What if...? " From what I heard back then, this thing was one of a kind. "You could never be the same person ever again. It flies you high, and higher. til you reach the sky, without any boundaries," a friend said. We were only 15 years old then. Not to mention the movies that we watched teased us to try. Then one day we did. 3 of us. In search of alcohol. (of course it's alcohol. What else do you think, Silly?)My friend's place. Her parents were out. 3 of us. A can of beer. One sip. "Ah, what is this? so bitter! How come people like it?" one of them whined. From what I remember, I found it... interesting. How the bitter taste blended nicely with the soothing taste in it. Yeah, funny as it was, I found it soothing. 

Actually, by the time I tried this, my mind took me to my brother's room. I remember those empty bottles; I thought they were just bottles of... something. The name was unfamiliar to my eyes and ears. "What are these?" I asked myself. At that time, I was still in my green-white school uniform, probably 13 or 14 years old. There. My first taste of beer.

Then, high school time, when all the joy begun. How nothing seemed to matter! I had the chance to play with girls who were way older than me, college girls. I played softball back then with them. One day, there was this party, and of course, booze was involved. I tried... whiskey. The sweet caramel taste was tantalizing. Not to mention the warmth when it traveled from my mouth, throat, then "partied" with my blood. That was with them, added the pleasure with the craziness of 8 girls from high school. Back then, we liked to check in to a hotel, booze, and played truth or dare. Prom night! LOL.. I think I rather skipped that part as it was too... ehmm..hazy. Getting more intense, of course, in college, with its peak point in Bali. "What? mineral water? there's no such thing here. We only have this!" a local handed me a bottle of beer. Bottoms up, dear.. Bottoms up! Through what... hmm, 10 years after my first sip, I can make several conclusions: Beer soothes me, I like the feeling of flying... slowly with this bad'ass. Best to have it with friends, accoustic music, sharing stories and laugh. whiskey in the other hand, comes second. I find it pure, have nothing to hide, just the way it is. No pretentious. 2-3 glasses of it mixed with coke, I'm happy. For me, vodka and wine are pretty same. Not in taste, but how they affect me, how they make me feel. In general I like these both, but as a simple person, and varies of them, errr... let's just say, I drink to have a good time. No time to choose which brand, year, mixture, and such. Lastly, tequila. Okay, I had my crazy time with this senor in Bali, and I decided that this relationship had to end. He made me lose my mind, out of control! So, sadly... I told Mr. Tequila in 2006, "Good night and good luck."

I drank, drink, and I can say, that at this very moment, I still don't have the desire to stop drinking beer. Whenever I have a sip of beer, a bottle, or bottles afterwards, I feel happy. There is this funny tingling feeling inside of me; it warms me, both literally and not. Like I said, I like how it makes me... fly. Hence, my brain is still the champion. Yes, I become braver, more fearless. bold! All my friends can tell whenever alcohol strikes me; I smile a lot. I can't seem to stop my lips to stretch! I'm happy, that's why I smile. I can write this conclusion, due to experience. See, this is why life is the greatest teacher. You know this things from experience, not theories. Ahh...those ups downs, crazy dancing, smooching, laughing, and such. Yeah, a moment to remember, indeed.Now, I like to go back where I said that I become bold. Even bolder (depends on how many bottles I have). Due to alcohol, people tend to do 2 things: (1) tell the truth, things they've been willing to say but don't have the guts to say it; and (2) say things they didn't mean to, just for the sake of fun (or drunk). "I shouldn't have done that. Said something stupid!" Yes, I've my shared my time with both. I had my regrets; did stupid stupid things!! Yet I also had my share to tell the truth... honest. Now, the question is... when someone says something to you, drunk, how come you know that he/she means the first one or the later?

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