Saturday, April 3, 2010

Private Camera

It's actually very simple and easy. Here, let me describe some of the moments for you:

Whenever you throw a joke or two,
and you laugh so hard with those little wrinkles near your eyes
sometimes followed by you sticking your tongue out
as another way of showing how silly you are

Or every time I say something out of ordinary
mostly silly and definitely not important
(but I keep saying it anyway)
you yell out loud (like... REALLY loud): "That's my GIRL!"

Whenever you rub my leg, only for seconds, with your left hand
when I'm sitting behind you on the scooter
or caressing my hair like I was just a little kid, then rub my back, up and down

Every single time you sit in front of me
talk about anything that comes across your mind; hope, problems, opinion, and end each with, "what do you think, love?"

whenever you open your mouth sooo wide as an expression, each time the food comes!!
That silly face you make, boy! you have so many way to express yourself
That moment before you leave, the kiss, the smile after the kiss :)
Yeah, those are the moments I capture with the camera in my heart. And I'm planning to fill the album with bunch of more. :)

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