Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Gain Some, You Lose Some.

I'm not really into gadgets. As long as they still work, I'll stick to them. About a month ago, my small 1 gb mp3, which had been accompanying me for the past 3 years, was broken. I made this as an excuse to buy myself new Ipod Nano with the capacity 8 times bigger than my mp3. It's light, handy, easily slip into my pocket, and it's green! Due to this, I had to upgrade my notebook's software, because this oh-so-fancy gadget only compatible with XP SP3, mine was still SP2. Meh. Blah!

I took my notebook to the IT department in the office, asked him to help me to errr, fix the problem. I thought it only took about 1 day. Turned out to be 3 days (I completely understand as he had to handle all the IT problems in this building, even answering a question: "PC is that big machine under your table".--> I swear I once heard him answering a phone saying this!) To make long story short, not all data was completely moved. Thus, I lost around 5 gb of my data, mostly pictures, especially pictures of places I had been to. You know which folders were missing? The "Korea, Belitung, Yogya, Finland, Filipina,
Do Fun w/ Bf" folders. Yes, those folders! Not the, "him, not important, past " folders! Again, blah. Double blah! I'm relieved that some pictures are in my office's computer. Only some, those the ones which were used for the magazine, and some are in Facebook. Others? :(

That is why, from now on, I'll try to write about my journey + pictures and rely on the internet to be my "journey folders". Yes, starting...errr.... soon! You just wait and see, there will be a new tag called "journey" here. Hey, I'm not asking you to read or follow it. It's for my own sake my own pleasure, Gosh! (D-r-a-m-a).

Btw, I still not into gadgets. And this nano thingy is... just okay.

June, 15th 2010 --> I lost my iPod in Vietnam. Again, you gain some, you lose some :(

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